Garage Door Openers

Our garage doors come in many styles and sizes in order to meet the unique needs of each customer.
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Garage Door Openers

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There are several types of garage door openers available on the market. It is important to find the one that best suits your garage door. Jim’s Lakeside Overhead Door offers garage door opener sales that present you with a broad range of choices.

We want to help the citizens of Sheboygan, WI locate the garage door openers that conform to their personal tastes and finances. Our customer service representatives are happy to walk you through our line of products; together we will find the garage door opener that is just right for you.

Garage door openers are typically automatic, and one that works for you can be determined by a series of questions: how important is speed and noise? What types of safety features do you need? What kind of remote access tools would you prefer?

There are three general categories of garage door openers: belt drive, screw drive, and chain drive. They all function on equal levels of excellence; the significant difference between them is the amount of noise that they create.

Belt drives are the quietest; they rely on rubber belts to open and close the door. Screw drives use steel rods, and chain drives lower and raise the door using chains attached to a metal trolley. They are the nosiest and the most common kind of garage door opener.

Each garage door opener provides you with efficiency when it comes to opening and closing your garage. It is simply a matter of choosing the one that you feel conforms best to your personal situation.

Don’t wait any longer! Jim’s Lakeside Overhead Door gives you the best garage door openers, so make an appointment!